What Are Pure Essential Oils?

Premium Pure Essential Oils

100% Pure Essential Oils – Best Quality, Purity & Freshness

Looking for a range of the best essential oils that you can depend on every time for quality, purity and freshness? At LJOils we are committed to providing ethically sourced high quality pure essential oils. With our ever-growing range of pure essential oils and blends, you will love the quality of our comprehensive range including favorites Eucalyptus, Lavender & Peppermint to name a few.

Creating your own blend? LJOILS selection of essential oil bottles allow you to create your very own unique essential oil blend that is very cost effective. Why not create your own massage blend by using your essential oil blend diluted in one of our many carrier oils. A great way for your skin, household and wellness to experience natural alternatives.

So What Are Essential Oils?

Pure Essential Oils are the liquid manifestation of the power of nature. Pure Essential Oils have a similar structure to compounds found in our blood and tissue, making them uniquely compatible with our physiology. The properties of each oil act individually, or they can be combined with the properties of other oils to form synergistic effects.

These oils are quite simply some of the finest pure essential oils we have been able to locate anywhere in the world. They must not be confused with the multitude of inferior quality products which are nowadays quite falsely being marketed as “100% Pure & Natural”.

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