Experts Warn About Making Hand Sanitiser Using DIY Guides

Antibacterial Hand Sanitiser Spray

Experts say it is easy to mistake the concentration of alcohol to other substances when making homemade hand sanitiser, which could damage your skin, kidneys and liver and washing your hands is paramount, using products like alcohol based hand sanitisers and hand and surface sprays that contain hydrogen peroxide help to keep the germs and viruses away, keeping us safe from the nasty effects of corona or influenza type viruses.

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The Best Natural Hand Sanitiser Ever!

The Best Natural Hand Sanitiser Ever OXYPRO-S hydrogen peroxide and sliver

OXYPRO-S destroys a broad range pathogens including bacteria, mould and fungi, viruses, waterborne parasites and toxic algae. Once pathogens are destroyed OXYPRO-S leaves no harmful chemical residue whatsoever. The H2O2 breaks down into harmless water and oxygen and a minute trace amount silver ions remain in the water helping to prevent pathogens from returning, keeping your hands and drinking water cleaner for longer.

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