Mind Body – Pure Essential Oil – Blends

With the rise of pure essential oils and clinical aromatherapy, more and more people are opening up to the many ways that these medicinal plant essences can enhance our lives and well-being.

Scientifically, our culture is catching up with the idea that scent and high-frequency essences can profoundly affect our well-being on an emotional and energetic level.

Even in traditionally mainstream hospitals and clinics, we are seeing essential oils being integrated into the prescribed care with proven effect on patients and staff alike.

Balance - Base Chakra Oil LJOILS

A luscious, sweet, floral blend to ease the senses

An indulgent blend to create an affectionate  happy mood

The perfect combination of oils to renew and restore

Harmonises the senses, instilling feelings of peace

This motivating blend will empower you to take action

 Promotes Enhanced Mental Focus throughout the day

Certainly, the fact that a chakra is described as a vortex of concentrated energy in a particular body area does not sit wrong with the relatively new scientific consensus that everything, including our body, is made up of energy vibrating at different frequencies. Chakra energy has already been recognised by progressive medical experts.

Helps to Amplify the awareness of your senses

A relaxing, woody aroma that soothes and grounds the spirit

Sensual blend will heighten your senses and sets the mood

Uplifting blend that provides an immediate boost of energy

A feminine, indulgent aroma with romantic properties

This motivating blend will empower you to take action

One holistic healer, who has become very well-known for his work with the Energy is Les Johnson. As a medical intuitive, his work does not easily fall under the umbrella of science but if you visit his clinic you will find compelling accounts of Chakra related healings that have had incredible results on disorders that have been resolved without the use of conventional methods.

What Les has observed over many years is that illness in the body can be identified with patterns of emotional, psychological, and physical stress. He states that each illness and each body organ has its own frequency or vibrational pattern. He has accumulated sufficient experience with different medical cases over many years to create a fixed body-map of illnesses as they each relate to one of the 7 main chakra centers of the body.

Opening the Mind and balancing mental disquiet

Supports our connection to the unified energy flow

A relaxing woody aroma that soothes the spirit

Relaxing Pack for Calming, Clarity and Relaxation

A Beautiful Pack of Anxiety, Calming and Our Stress Blends

An Effective Pack of Sinus, Sleep and Viral Blends

To give a simple example of how it works… if someone has repressed emotions of neglect and abandonment in childhood, the energy flow in their heart chakra can become blocked. This can manifest in later life as a medical problem such as lung or heart disease. Or someone with disease in their oesophagus may have a critical underlying issue around not being able to communicate the truth, and this will be reflected in a lack of throat chakra flow.

Essential oils work to nurture deep within the mind and body. Pure essential oils support holistic healing with therapeutic aromas that are calming to the mind and the emotions.

Essential oils can be applied directly on the skin, however, they should always be diluted into a base skin cream or carrier oil like sweet almond, macadamia or jojoba oil.

Encourage inner peace and help reduce the stresses of life

 Inspired by the smudging ceremony of Native American Indians

A Joyful Blend to Heighten clarity and invigorate your spirit

A joyful blend that promotes a positive and happy attitude

Encourage the spirit and instill a sense of well-being

Awaken your senses keeping you calm whilst staying alert


Choose from our great range of essential oil blends, carefully formulated for your convenience. Our essential oil blends have been formulated to transport you to a more enlightened space; enhance your mood, allay frazzled nerves and assist in sleep or meditation. These blends can all be used in an oil burner or diffuser to create a desired ambience or mixed with a base cream or carrier oil for a luxurious body application.