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Aroma Aromatherapy Diffuser With Calming Essential Oil

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Aroma Aromatherapy Diffuser With 20ml Calming Essential Oils

7 Colors Mood Lighting: The diffuser comes with 7 colors of lighting. You can keep them rotating or fix one of your choices. Each color is adjustable between bright and dim. It makes a perfect nightlight for bedrooms.
Timer Setting and Auto Shut down: The diffuser comes with 4 timer setting modes, i.e., 1Hr, 3Hr, 6Hr, and steady on. The diffuser automatically shuts down when water level is too low.
Natural Wood Grain Look: This aroma diffuser is a great addition to your workspace or home. It's natural and classy look goes with all decor.
Perfect size with Adjustable Mist Output: This essential oil diffuser holds up to 400ml of water; just the perfect size. All you need to do is long press the button to switch between high and low mist. This extends the duration of misting.


-Output: AV100-240V 50/60Hz

-Electrical Consumption: 14W
-Water Tank Capacity: 400ml
-Cord Length: 60 inches
-Material: PP, ABS,PC
-Plug wire length: Approx 170cm
-Colorful LED light: Can freely change 7 colors
-Product Size: Approx16.7*20.3cm

Package Includes

1 x Aromatherapy Diffuser

1 x 20ml Calming Essential Oils

Proprietary Blend of 100% Pure, Premium Grade 1 Organic and Wild Crafted Essential Oils.

Essential oils are best described as the 'essence' of a plant, employed in a variety of applications to help promote both physical and emotional well-being. Our Premium essential oils are carefully sourced from around the world using only the most delicate extraction methods to preserve the unique signatures of the plant.

Our essential oil blends have been formulated to transport you to a more enlightened space; enhance your mood, allay frazzled nerves, or assist in sleep and/or meditation.

These blends can be used in a stream diffuser or oil burner with wax melts to create a desired ambience or mixed up at 2% with a carrier oil or cream for a luxurious body application.

Cautions: It is possible that this blend may cause sensitivities; we do not recommend these oil blends as a replacement for traditional medicine.

Topical Aromatic Purposes Only

Not To Be Taken Internally and Keep Out of Reach of Children.

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