Your one-stop shop for natural, non-toxic products for animals. Natural remedies for allergies, arthritis, fleas, parasites, and much more. Our qualified animal naturopath is available for advice to help your animals overall health without drugs. We do not use anything that contains preservatives, artificial ingredients or other nasties and our products are tested on humans, not animals! ​We have been operating for over 20 years and we have helped thousands of cats, dogs and their owners, with a wide range of health conditions safely and effectively using our extensive knowledge and our natural range of herbal and homeopathic ​remedies and nutritional support.


ALL NATURAL PET PROTECTION FOR ​CATS & DOGS!My Pet Protection provides long lasting and effective protection against mosquitoes, midges, sand flies, fleas, mites, and other annoying and bitting insects for horses, dogs, puppies, cats, kittens and birds.

My Pet Protection is a ready to use spray for the use on pet clothing and bedding. It controls fleas, mites and lice on dogs and cats, repels midges sand-flies, fleas, mites and other annoying and biting insects. These ingredients are also in the Pet Shampoo giving you extra protection every time you wash your pet and is safe for daily use on birds, cats and dogs.

Because of the sprays formulation, the active ingredients in the spray are immediately distributed over your animal’s body and begin to kill shortly after the application. Use once or twice daily if infestation is severe. Spray areas where fleas are likely to breed, e.g. kennels, bedding and play area’s for dogs, puppies, cats, and kittens.



Enriched with a blend of beautiful essential oils that possess antibacterial, antiseptic and refreshing aromas. Our newly improved Pet Shampoo will clean your pets coat, leaving a luxurious shine and smell without drying their skin.

 This is truly the best shampoo for cats or dogs with with sensitive or skin related problems. It   immediately stops them itching, calms inflammation, is anti-bacterial/anti-fungal and is the first step in the defence against problem skin. Enriched with a blend of essential oils that will clean your pets coat, leaving a luxurious shine and smell without drying out their skin. No harsh chemicals are used, just gentle effective ingredients that will soothe and moisturise your pet. The formula contains a unique blend of hypoallergenic and mild surfactants principally derived from coconut oil, foaming to gently cleanse the coat of dirt, irritants and allergens. My Pet Shampoo contains moisturising factors and emollients, to control drying and to restore the coats natural shine.

The best natural organic ingredients, your dogs coat will be softer, shinier and healthier…